Retailer Login and Order

If you are a retailer already selling LIVONE products, and you already have your login username & password.

You can go straight to the wholesale site and login there!

Note: If you lost your password, you don't need to register again (which would provoke a loss of time due to the manual approval validation). Just go to " Retailer login " click the link "Forgotten Password" that you find just below the password field, and you will immediately receive an e-mail with your password.

If you are a retailer not selling LIVONE products, but you want to start selling LIVONE products in your store, please read on:

How to become a new LIVONE Retailer: If you are a new business requesting pricing and information, please fill out and submit our quick form here.That's all! After your approval (normally less than 24 hrs for new stores), you will automatically be able to see and search new products, pricing, Order and information in the restricted dealer area of this site ( ). If you are in a hurry send us an email and we try to accelerate your registration. If you are from the EU, you will need a valid EU VAT ID. Enter your EU VAT ID in the field "Tax ID". If you don't know your company ID, you can use your tax ID also to enter it in the field "Company ID".

Thank you for taking the time to learn about LIVONE. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of woven children and baby rugs, we choose products that evoke an emotional connection with people and will fulfill your customers’ gift-giving and personal interests for their beloved ones. We strive to help our retailers succeed in the pursuit of the common good. We hope that our visions, work ethic, and exceptional products makes LIVONE a positive fit with your business model.