For many years we at have specialized in the development, design and production of play rugs for kids.

The needs of kids and teens are at our heart. We create almost all designs by ourselves and produce our rugs under controlled and optimal conditions in Asia and Turky. We sell these carpets internationally and exclusively in different online store.

  • We are a small and creative team.
  • We have many years of experience in the production and trade of carpets.
  • We provide high-quality and well-designed rugs for children and teens as well as colourful and trendy Home textiles.
  • What drives us: fun and games in the nursery wants to make the little ones happy. We want to create beautiful and high- quality play- and- cuddle materials for Kids, Teens and their Mums and Dads.

  • We fit our designs to the world of children andadolescents.
  • We fit the quality of our products to the everyday life of children and Mums and Dads get colourfast, easy to clean and natural products.
  • We are proud that all our carpets carry theOeko-Tex®label and are thus recognized as particularly environmentally friendly.
  • We keep in mind the needs of children from the first thread to the finished carpet. ensures variety. We want new colours, shapes and ideas.

  • We believe in fun,vibrant and colourful rugs.
  • We want to offer an alternative for adult buyers and putting on an owncollection.
  • We want to help in designing truly individual nurseries.
  • How we produce: socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, with high-quality standards